E-HYPE data deliveries

Here are sample data deliveries from June 10, 2016, from the hydrological model E-HYPE. The following data files are produced daily (each with a unique name containing the date and time when the file was created):

Data files remain on the server for two days, thus corresponding files from the previous day (June 9) are also present in this example.

In addition, the following files are needed to interpret data (but are not updated daily):

The data is supplied in NetCDF4 format which partially follows the conventions CF-1.6 for point data.

To be able to interpret the data it is necessary to store the coupling table and map files in the same directory as the data files. The coupling table indicates SUBID (id for subbasins in the model setup) which defines each catchment. Map files show where subbasins are located geographically. A GIS tool is needed to read the information in the map file (shape) format. A shape-file is a digital vector format to store geometric data with associated attribute information. Each shapefile is a set of several files and files of format .shp, .shx and .dbf are necessary.

An example of a GIS tool is Quantum-GIS which is open source.

More information about data and formats could be found in the metadata record (in Swedish). .